quality not quantity

For us, it’s all about quality not quantity. That means the quality of what we sell and the quality of how we do it. It means excellent customer service and never hiding behind small print or terms and conditions. We are not a faceless corporate behemoth and don’t ever intend to be. It isn’t rocket science: we know that happy customers are not just the best kind of customers – they’re the only kind of customer we want.

The old ‘Avis’ argument applies: that when it comes to customer service, we try that little bit harder than most. Simply because when you’re a small business and just starting out, you have to.

If you’re kind enough to give us your details, we promise not to bombard you with annoying rubbish you neither need nor want nor have asked for. Additionally, we won’t ever share your details with third parties – even though it’d naturally be quite nice if you told all your friends about us…


How to contact us:

9 High Street




Phone: 07733 271143


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